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The Professional Certificate of Intrapreneurialism (PCI) upskills you in a suite of professional skills that is at the core of intrapreneurialism. This is the new skillset for 21st century career success.

Many global reports on the future of work show that there is an increasing demand for higher order cognitive skills, social, emotional and self-leadership skills and future readiness skills. Already research is showing that higher proficiency in such skills is associated with higher likelihood of employment, higher incomes and increased job satisfaction.

These are exactly the skills developed in this certificate program. 

They also happen to be the INTRAPRENEUR’S skillset.

And they are highly transferable across diverse work environments.

Program Structure

The first part of the program focuses on laying firm foundations. Participants systematically develop the 12 skills identified above (although not in that order). 

The content and case studies of the program are drawn from multiple disciplines – business, history, psychology, education, science, literature, among others. This comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach supports key program fundamentals which includes enhancing curiosity, improving strategic thinking and encouraging intellectual and practical boundary-crossing. This is essential in a world which is becoming increasingly complex and where holistic solutions are needed. 

The later part of the program takes participants through the intrapreneurial methodology. This is a 9-step process where participants progress an intrapreneurial project drawing on the skills and preparatory exercises from the first part of the program. The deliverable is a high-value outcome for the organisation. 

How It Works. 

This is an active, experiential, participative learning journey custom made for established, emerging and aspiring intrapreneurs. Each week you receive a video, exercises and activities, readings and other supplementary resources and materials. 

The activities build skills incrementally. This is not a course for passive consumers of content. This is course for people who are serious about accelerating their development with meaningful practice and experiential learning to embed skills.  

Because these kinds skills take time to develop, you receive a new lesson every week rather than receiving the entire course at once.

Who Is This Program For? 

This program can be used by individuals AND organisations.


It is ideal for early to mid-career professionals seeking to accelerate their career development and be genuine change agents. It is excellent preparation for senior leadership roles. 

Increasingly, committed professionals are taking responsibility for their own professional development and not relying on their employer to source and fund development opportunities.

Ideally you should have an appropriate context in which you can implement the activities. This could be via your current job (whether full-time, part-time or contractual), no matter which sector you are in – corporate, SME, education, NFP, government, or other. Alternatively, if you volunteer within a community organisation or other organisation, this would also be suitable. 


There are many benefits to being an INTRAPRENEURIAL organisation. You will attract talent, retain your best and brightest, and stay relevant in a fast changing world because your PEOPLE find ways of solving problems, increasing revenue and serving customers in new ways. 

Organisations can bulk purchase places for employees. The benefits of this are: 

  • Build a culture of intrapreneurialism by developing a critical mass of intrapreneurs
  • Create an internal community of practice where participants support each other
  • A constant and ongoing stream of intrapreneurial activity that creates and adds value for the organisation
  • Talent STAYS with organisations that invest in them
  • Talent is ATTRACTED to organisations that invest in their people – especially when it delivers a valuable Professional Certificate. 


Cohorts can be drawn from across the organisation in various business units and departments. This has the advantage of bringing the message of intrapreneurialism to the entire organisation.

Alternatively, teams can go through the program together which has the benefit of putting team members on the same page with a unifying language and approach to intrapreneurial activity. Ideal for teams working on group projects. 

For organisations purchasing 16 or more places, a group mentoring package is INCLUDED. 

This additional support through the program increases accountability, commitment and deep, experiential learning. The outcomes for the organisation AND the participating intrapreneurs are TRANSFORMATIVE.

Email if you have any questions or wish to set up a time to discuss further.